Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Know What I Hate? Getting Stuck In Other People's Facebook Conversations

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Ever see somebody write a funny status update about Chairman Mao on Facebook, and then, after you leave the first comment, you find that your mailbox is full around an hour later because about forty other people commented after you? Maaaaaan, funk that! I hate that noise! All I wanted to do was make a pithy comment about the Chairman's tomb, and all these other people make other pithy comments that aren't nearly as pithy as yours. It's not cool, man. It's not cool.

I mean, we live in, what is this, 2011, now? What?! Huh?! Can't Mark Zuckerberg make it so only funny comments get sent to my email inbox? Gawd!

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My Chairman is SO dead (How dead is he?!)


Ant said...

I have been involved in sooo many of these. I also agree there should be a wit determining bot that scans the thread and determines what comments should make the cut to notify you about.

Rich Knight said...

The future is now!