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Eating Out in Long Valley: Splash Seafood

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Looking for seafood, but the nearest Red Lobster is too far away for your liking? No problem, as you already have a perfectly good seafood restaurant right in Long Valley called Splash Restaurant Seafood and Pasta.

It's a restaurant that not only serves some of the best seafood around, but also some of the best pizza.

"People come in and they go, 'Oh, it's just no comparison," says floor manager Talia Morzan, referring to Red Lobster. Bold words, but Splash has the product to back it up. From tuna pan seer to crab with stuffed mushrooms capped with Sambuca cream sauce, Splash is authentic seafood that doesn't need commercials to sell its product. Word of mouth speaks for itself.

"People are really responding well to the specials," Morzan says. "That's really what we sell here. They're on all week, usually, Wednesday through Sunday."

On Wednesdays, for instance, you can get great food and not break your budget.

"'We've added a pasta night on Wednesdays," Morzan says. "It's $10.95 for a choice of soup or salad, a pasta dish, which includes rigatoni, penne or linguini, and it comes in alfredo, marinara or primavera (sauce).

"You also get a dessert, and it's all for $10.95," Morzan says. "It draws people in for Wednesdays."

What also draws customers is the pizza, which is surprisingly popular at this seafood restaurant.

"People come in and sometimes they just want the pizza," Morzan says. "We've been getting a lot of take-out orders for just pizza, so our chef, Mario, is really busy with that."

And for good reason. At some pizza places, the most exotic topping you might find is Buffalo chicken on top and some barbeque sauce. But because it is a seafood restaurant, Splash offers several options, some of which sound too good to be legal.

"We have a clam pie," Morzan says. "And we have a Splash Seafood pie that has clams, shrimp, a white wine garlic sauce and capers."

But that's not all.

"We have a shrimp scampi pie, and that's really popular," Morzan says. "It's like shrimp scampi and sauce over spinach and roasted red peppers. It's really, really good."

Splash calls these options gourmet pies, but if you're just looking for a regular cheese pizza, Splash can do that, too. The staff can do pretty much anything you're looking for in terms of pasta, pizza and seafood.

WHERE: 1 Fairmount Road, Long Valley
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 908-876-9307
HOURS: 5 to 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 5 to 10 p.m. Friday to Saturday, 3 to 9 p.m. Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday
CUISINE: Seafood, pizza and pasta
LIQUOR: Full bar
PAYMENT: All major credit cards
PRICE RANGE: Appetizers, $5 to $13; entrees, $12 to $23; pizza, $8 to $17; pasta, $10 to $17
RESERVATIONS: Accepted, but not required
DRESS: Casual
ATMOSPHERE: Warm and aquamarine environment with fish on the walls and other sea-themed objects around the restaurant. There are fish on the TV, plus a statue of a man looking to dive right into the deep. It's a great place to take the kids.
VIBE: A friendly place that families will love.
PARKING: Large lot
MANAGER: Talia Morzan

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