Monday, March 25, 2013

Why The Walking Dead TV Series Will Never Be As Good As It Was In Season One

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The Walking Dead has really, and I mean really, gone down the terlet. The first episode of the series is arguably one of the greatest series premiers of any show I've ever seen. The moody tone and atmosphere were set up so well that I was pretty much ready to proclaim The Walking Dead as my new favorite show over Breaking Bad. But alas, something terrible happened. The show lost its creative juices, and here's why:

Simply put, the show cannot carry an interesting storyline for 13 whole episodes. Think back to the first season. It was around six or seven episodes long, and so much happened. There was the storyline of Rick trying to find his family. The story of Merle trying to take over the group. And the story of Shane sleeping with Lori. And oh, yeah, there were zombies, too. 

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Honestly, the show had it all, and I couldn't WAIT for season two. But then, well, we all know what happened to season 2. A majority of the 13 episodes was spent searching for that short-haired lady's  (See, I don't even know her name, she's so inconsequential) daughter, even though anybody with half a brain could tell you she was probably in the barn with the rest of the zombies Hershel was rounding up. 

Honestly, the only interesting thing about season 2 was the bad blood between Rick and Shane that had been simmering since season one. But even that turned out to be a let down in the end, even though I'm told it does vaguely mimic what happens in the comic. Vaguely, I said.

That said, season 3 is a debacle. What started off decently has again devolved into being the long and boring show that The Walking Dead has become.It practically drags its feet just as slowly as the walkers themselves. Michonne, other than the one episode where she bonded with Carl, hasn't been very interesting. And you can tell that the Governor's character has overstayed its welcome when his whole storyline pretty much revolves around Andrea, who is undoubtedly one of the most grating characters on the entire show.

But what's truly keeping The Walking Dead back from greatness (Other than the loss of Frank Darabont) is the fact that it makes so much damn money!

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The Talking Dead is a prime example. Here we have an hour long show dedicated to talking about episodes where literally only one thing happens to advance the plot. And because The Walking Dead is so popular (Popular enough to gets its own show talking about it) the writers have become lazy and have found no problem in dragging out storylines as long as people since go ga-ga over it. 

But what do you think? I know there are still ravenous TWD fans out there who believe that the show is better than ever. Leave your comments in the box below. I'm interested to hear what you think.