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Proof of the Devil Through a Wolverine/Magneto Comparison

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If you believe in God (And if you don't, no biggie, I'm not here to judge), then you have to believe in the Devil. And if you don't believe in the Devil, then I'm guessing you've been fooled by him like Keyser Sose says in the movie, The Usual Suspects, namely being that, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist."

Now, I don't believe in the Devil, either. Mankind is bad enough, but Marvel has provided me with factual evidence of the Devil's existence in Magneto, so I can't dispute it anymore. The Devil is real. Dead real.

Stick with me here.

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Let's look at Wolverine for example. He's as close to being as omnipotent as a mutant aught to be. With his healing factor, heightened senses, and most importantly, his adamantium bones, he's pretty much unstoppable. I mean, seriously, his bones are literally indestructible. You could shoot him in the face, throw him off a building, or crush him with an elevator and he'd survive. His skin might be destroyed and torn, but his bones would persist, and would eventually just grow around his bones. He's invincible.

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Now, many might say, well, why don't you just choose Superman for your example if you're talking about omnipotent beings, but no, I won't do that because Superman sucks. Let's move on.

Wolverine can't be killed. He seriously can't. That is, of course, until he can. Enter Erik Lehnsherr, better known to you non-comic geeks as Magneto. Lord Magnus was in the very first X-Men comic in 1963, predating Wolverine's first appearance in a Hulk issue in 1974. Magneto is the only character in the entire Marvel universe who could, if he really wanted to (And if Wolverine wasn't so popular) kill Wolverine.

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In the epic, Fatal Attractions saga, Magneto got his chance and pulled Wolverine's adamantium right out of his body, leaving him a wrecked mess who could have been given the coup de grace at any time. He was seriously toast. Because of his popularity, though, he didn't die, and we went on to find out that Wolverine actually had bone claws, and that the metal was actually harming him rather than helping him, and yada, yada, yada, that's besides the point.

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The point I'm trying to make here is that Marvel had no idea that a character like Wolverine would exist when they created Magneto. As I mentioned earlier, Magneto predates Wolverine by about eleven years. That said, when Wolverine was created, I'm sure they weren't thinking that he'd be a good character to pit against Magneto someday. Nobody thinks that far down the line when they're creating something, and a lot of different writers came along in-between the periods of Wolverine's first appearance and Fatal Attractions. So, while the argument is moot, I think I can clearly say that Wolverine's adamantium was created without the thought of Magneto one day being the only person who could really kill the 5'4 Canuck. Wouldn't you tend to agree?

So, what's my point and how does this relate to God and the Devil? Well, it relates to an argument that's as clear as night and day, or as clear as having water and not having water. If you have a force, let's call it, yin, then you need to have a counter-force, let's call it yang. Now, these two forces can't exist without the other, and they don't really need to be put together by any real force other than fate. As in all things in nature, they just fall into place naturally. That said, Wolverine couldn't just be an indestructible mutant who couldn't be killed. Nothing in nature, or even above nature, can be like that. So even if it wasn't planned, the cosmos had to align to make an alternate force, and Magneto is that alternate force.

Ergo, if God exists, then there has to be an alternate force like the Devil that is also omnipotent and exists, or God can't exist. It's as simple as that.

I'm right, and that's that.

Or not. I'm just messing around.

Here's a song by Wingspan to make up for it.


Ant said...

I personally love the superman argument of him sucking. lol

Rich said...

It is very true.

Anonymous said...

Superman is Jesus....
and the Jewish community is running amuck right now with all this yin and yang talk...

this is jorge.. lol

Rich Knight said...

I thought I was the only one who shared those fews, Jorge. It's actually the name of my next blog: Superman is Jewish, and this is"