Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Question: Why is the guy from the show, "Ghost Adventures" always flexing?

(Image taken from: youbentmywookie.com)

The Skinny: Boogie Man recorder, Zak Bagans, from the Travel Channel show, Ghost Adventures, is always flexing. He could be pointing at a plastic bag that looks like a ghost, talking on the phone, or just crossing his arms. But morning, day, and night, you'll catch the man's cannonball biceps making a special guest appearance on the show. What's the deal?

The Answer: After much research and discussions with my scientists friends, I've discovered that there are actually many possibilities as to why Mr. Bagans' can't hold a conversation without flexing his bi's and tri's. One possibility is that his ghost hunting skills have made him a prime target for ghosts, making him always have to be on the lookout to defend himself against Slimer attacks or the Scoleri Bros. from Ghostbusters Two fame. Another possibility is that a ghost is actually inside of him, making him flex without even knowing it. I actually think this theory has some weight to it, as if you watch the show, you'll see that he doesn't even realize that he's flexing half the time, as sometimes, you'll see him flexing while wearing a big puffy coat where his bulging bi's couldn't possibly show. The third, and possibly most agreed upon theory, though is that his shirts are just too small. I happen to think that this is the most reasonable assessment, as after plugging in the formula of man with decent biceps + tight shirts + ego on television, I came up with the answer to be "constant flexing for the female viewers" every time. So, you can take of this what you will, but I tend to believe that we have our answer here. Zak Bagans only wears tiny t-shirts. Phew, I'm glad that's solved. Back to pointing at plastic bags.

(Image taken from: ghosttvblogs.com)

Exhibit 2: This one supports theory #2

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