Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Girlfriend's Angry Letter To A Video Game Company

Yesterday, I was getting my ass handed to me pretty bad in Super Punch-Out!! I was facing Dragon Chan who, if you can remember that far back, can leap off the ropes and kick you. My girlfriend, who had never seen the boxing game before, asked if I could kick too. When I replied, "No," she said that she was going to write an angry letter to the company, which released the game in 1994, I might add. Here is said letter.

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To Next Level Games

To whom this may concern:

Why is it that you include a character in Super Punch Out who can box AND do karate (ie: Dragon Chan) if Little Mac is not able to do any karate himself? I feel that this is quite unfair especially when watching the boyfriend attempt to battle this character with no victory to be had. Please make updates to this grave error. Looking forward to playing the newer and better and fairer version of Super Punch Out. Thank you for your time and consideration.

A concerned girlfriend.

And here is the said Dragon Chan


Anonymous said...

Wait you can kick in boxing?!!? Must be one of those freak show fights from Japan.

Rich Knight said...

Only in Punch-Out!!, my friend, only in Punch-Out!!