Friday, January 14, 2011

Thirty-two dollars to see The Green Hornet?!?! What in Sam Hill?!?!

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So, I just spent thirty-two dollars to go see The Green Hornet tonight. Thirty-two dollars! And before you even ask me, yes, it is in 3D. But that's not even my fault as all the convenient times are being shown in the third dimension, which means, all of the 2D shows are playing at weird times. Weird times like 9:14 and 3/4 PM, or 1:45 APM (Is that even a unit of time? It sounds like the next Alien vs. Predator movie).

What's the deal?

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This film better be better than that movie I once saw starring Kim Kardashian and Ray-J where they're constantly hugging each other, sometimes, even from behind (Well, that's a silly way to hug.)

I'll have a review up for the film tomorrow.

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