Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow. Chris Brown Is a Mess. I Hate Him

(Image taken from: justjared.buzznet.com)

Okay, so Chris Brown's career has more life than a cat. After MMA fighting with Rihanna, you'd think that the R&B "heartthrob" would be out of the job of wooing women. But now, just this morning, the newly reformed Chris Brown got mad during an ABC interview where they asked him questions about Rihanna, broke a window, and then, took his shirt off and went storming down the street.


That last part where he took off his shirt makes about as much sense as that kid who tried sticking a remote control up his butt because his mom cancelled his WOW account. Why'd he do that?

I'm really just sick of this little pisher. His music was never been anything better than tolerable, and now, he thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because a few people forgave him for beating up Rihanna. What a piece of garbage!

I'm sure that some people will still hope that he makes yet another (too) speedy recovery, but I seriously hope that he goes down the path of Bobby Brown and becomes addicted to drugs and loses his teeth. Or better yet, I hope he ends up like Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes and ends up living in a crack house. He truly deserves it. I hate his guts.


Ant said...

Hilarious if this article were a woman I'd make love to it.

Rich Knight said...

If this article were a woman and Chris Brown were reading it, I'm really not sure if I'd WANT to see what he'd do with it.

Thanks for readin'!

Anonymous said...

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