Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Know Why I like the Coen Bros.? Because They Just Don't Give a F*#%

(Image taken from: mannythemovieguy.com)

The Coen Bros. just scored the biggest box office draw of their career with their most recent flick, True Grit. So, you'd think they'd be overjoyed that so many people like it, right?


The Coen Bros. don't give a damn if you like their movies. It's why most of their flicks are so damn good. I mean, seriously. Did you SEE A Serious Man? I loved the movie, but do you think they cared two squirts whether a black guy from New Jersey was going to like their Jewish epic? Heck naw! The Coen Bros. make whatever the hell they feel like making. It's why they made Barton Fink, which is undeniably one of my favorite films of all time. Watch.

Did you just SEE that? John Goodman said, "Heil Hitler." Heil Hitler! What kind of a film IS this? It's a Coen Bros. film, brother, and it's a classic.

But not all of their films are so groovy. The Big Lebowski may be the cat's pajamas, but Intolerable Cruelty is a heaping sack of dung. But again, I think it's all leading back to the fact that the Coen Bros. don't care what you like. They just know what they like, and interestingly enough, for the most part, we like what they like, too.

So, what's YOUR favorite Coen Bros. film (Please say The Hudsucker Proxy so I can mock you endlessly).

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