Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How is There Going to Be a Big Momma's House 3 Before There's a Ghostbusters 3?

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Before you even say anything, yes, I know, Martin Lawrence is probably starving and is happy to get in a fat suit again for a paycheck. And yes, Bill Murray could care less about zapping ghosts anymore. You don't have to mention that. I already know.

But I'm talking about cosmically here. How in the name of Slimer's gunk is it even possible that a third Big Momma's House can be coming out soon when Ghostbusters 3 may never get off the ground? We already know that Bill Murray is what's holding up the third entry in the Ghostbusters saga and we also know that nothing was holding up a third Big Momma's House besides the fact that people just didn't want to see it. But still, how can something that NOBODY demanded possibly be coming out soon while something that pretty much EVERYBODY'S demanded may never come out at all? Zounds, the cinema gods must be crazy! And if not them, then at least the corporate execs who run Hollywood. If you haven't seen any trailers for the third entry in the Big Momma's House saga that is hopefully going to end at being a trilogy, consider yourself lucky. That fat guy who played Wendel on The Parenthood is in it reciting lyrics from LL Cool J while twisting his head like he needs an exorcism.

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Watch. (It's at the end)

I mean, seriously. That looks like refried bean shit.

In comparison, let's watch Vigo from Ghostbusters 2.

He's even awesome in another language!

C'mon, Bill Murray! Are you going to let this happen? Get on the ball with that before we get another entry of Pluto Nash or something else horrible before Ghostbusters 3. You're going to throw the cosmos out of order, man!


Jim said...

I am excited to see another Martin Lawrence film. With another known comedian like Brandon T . Jackson. It will most definitely trail off from the original play, I enjoy any variations of it, and it does look like it will be a good movie. So, i cant wait for this Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son movie..
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Rich Knight said...

Hmm...Well, while I did once like Martin Lawrence (Blue Streak was awesome), this looks like another poor attempt at being funny. And I'm not amused. What happened to you Martin?