Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conspiracy Alert! Did Watson the Computer Hustle Ken Jennings?

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While watching Jeopardy tonight for the third night of Watson the computer's dominance over mankind, I noticed something strange tonight. Something...unsettling.

It happened in the first round, where Ken Jennings started getting more questions right than Watson. Now, if you watched Jeopardy Monday and Tuesday, you'll remember that Watson didn't let either Jennings or the other weird guy with the facial hair get anywhere near its score. It was like it was hooked up to the questions and was being fed the answers hours before Jennings or the weird facial hair guy had even woken up that morning. Had even been born, even. It was eerie.

But today, it was like it didn't even want to answer questions. It was almost like it was LETTING Ken Jennings get some if the answers today. Like it was the 1996 Chicago Bulls allowing the Seattle Supersonics to win in Seattle for the few games just so they could win it all back in Chicago. It was almost like it was...HUSTLING him. Like it was making him LOOK like he could win only to sweep the carpet right from under him.

Oh, man.

The birth of Skynet can't be far behind. First comes pity for the human race, and then comes contempt for being so much more superior than it. I am NOT looking forward to our new IBM overlords making us eat out of a trough. In the game of life, for the time being, at least, we're Wesley Snipes, and Watson is Woody Harrelson, hustling us right out of our futures. Here's a clip to understand it better.

Well, it was nice knowing you, I suppose...

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