Sunday, February 20, 2011

Detroit Will Be Building a Statue of Robocop. What Statue Should New Jersey Build?

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Okay, if you didn't already know, Detroit is now the coolest city in the country. And that's because they're building a statue of Robocop. You can find an article about it here:

Now, statues of movie characters aren't exactly a new thing. In fact, Philadelphia jumped the gun a long time ago in Rocky III when they unveiled the Rocky statue, which still stands in Philly to this day.

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But I don't live in Philly, dammit, and I don't live in Detroit. I live in New Jersey, the Garden State, and I think we deserve a statue of somebody awesome, too.

Now, at first, I thought, well, how about Hellboy? He resides in Newark, right?

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But then, my friend, Vince, suggested somebody even better, and now I can't think of anybody else more perfect to be immortalized forever as a statue rife with bird shit.

The Toxic Avenger!

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Seriously, who would be better? He IS the first superhero from New Jersey. The only problem is is that I can't find Tromaville, New Jersey anywhere on the map. Can you?

Oh, and as for Robocop, I can't mention the man of metal without showing this clip. Honestly, as good as the original movie is, this is seriously my favorite part of the entire film, and it's only seven seconds long.


Ant said...

jay and silent bob are from jersey

Rich Knight said...

This is truth you speak