Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Miss Nate Dogg Already

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Man, there's not a song that I heard Nate Dogg in that I wasn't all like, "Man, I loooove, Nate Dogg," and now, he's gone. Not gone, like, gone into obscurity gone, but gone gone, like, TMZ gets first dibs that you've bought the farm gone. Michael Jackson gone. Yeah, it's sad.

I don't know what it was about his voice, but it sounded like silk being rubbed over whipped cream. It was nice. I mean, just listen to "Regulator."

Did you hear that? No? Let's hear it again.

Wow. That's awesome. There's also another guy on the track, but that guy really HAS fallen into gone into obscurity territory, so nobody really cares him anymore. Besides, this is a memorial to Nate Dogg, the smoothest gangster who just left the planet.

I don't know much about Nate Dogg, or even many of his songs. But the ones I DID hear him in, the aforementioned, "Regulator," and "The Next Episode", are certified classics, and ONLY because Nate Dogg was on them. Just listen to "The Next Episode" below. Forward all the way to 2:16 where the song actually starts to get good.

Man, I loooove, Nate Dogg. And both songs above are the reason why. And even if I don't smoke weed everyday (Or anything more potent than candy cigarettes, for that matter), I still like to frequently blurt out that it's good to do so, and it's all because of THIS man who just passed. It's a shame. I'll pour a juice box on the corner for you, homey. We'll miss you.


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