Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eating Out in Chester: Bagel Cafe

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There are plenty of bagel shops where you can get other items besides bagels from the menu. But how many of those same bagel shops can you also get a falafel?

“It’s freshly made here,” owner Abby Hassan says, “We have chick peas, and the fresh Tahini sauce, and the fresh pita bread.”

“A lot of customers asked for it,” Hassan continues, “It’s really fresh.”

Expect to hear that word “fresh” a lot here when talking to Mr. Hassan about his shop, as everything here is made fresh on the premises; Especially the bagels.

“Our bagel recipe is unique,” Hassan says, “It’s a very expensive recipe, and we use brown sugar and bake it with whole grain flour right in the bagels.”

One of the most famous of their bagels is the harvest grain, which has some interesting ingredients in it.

“It has whole grain flour with carrots and raisins,” Hassan says.

They also have the pumpernickel, which is made with real pumpernickel flour, and the whole wheat, which is made with real honey.

But as mentioned earlier, bagels aren’t all they sell here. Along with the falafels, they also have a full case of deli meats if you’re hankering for a sandwich.

“We use Boar’s Head meat,” Hassan says, “It practically sells itself.”

They also make great wraps with these meats, such as the California wrap or their balsamic chicken wrap with fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, avocado and grilled balsamic chicken.

And let’s not forget their stellar soups.

“Our famous soups are the lentil soup and the chicken noodle,” Hassan says, “And as for our cream soups, we have the cream of tomato and the cream of tomato leeks.”

Also on hand are their cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers, which they slap right down on their fryers.

“A lot of it is for the kids,” Hassan says.

Also nice is that you don’t even have to come down here if you’re in the area and want to get a lot of different items for groups. They’ll actually come to you.

“We do a lot of catering for offices around us, and we do a lot of churches for bagels on Sundays,” Hassan says, “A lot of offices request us for catering, and if it’s for breakfast, it’s usually bagels with cream cheese. And if it’s lunch, people usually prefer wraps.”

Or falafels, if that’s your sort of thing. At the Bagel CafĂ©, you have options. And what could be better than that?

WHERE: 233 US Highway, 206 N, Chester
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 908-879-8988
HOURS: 5:30AM-4:00PM, Monday-Friday, 5:30AM-3:00PM, Saturday and Sunday
CUISINE: Bagels and Deli
PAYMENT: Cash and all major credit cards except Discover
DRESS: Casual
THE SCENE: This bagel shop and deli has nothing but fresh food, and even some falafels, which are hard to come by in the area
ATMOSPHERE: With great bagels, comfortable seating, and a friendly atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the Bagel Cafe
PARKING: Large lot
OWNER: Abby Hassan


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Agnes said...

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