Sunday, March 20, 2011

Which is Better?

Werewolves on all fours?

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Or bi-pedal werewolves?

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Personally, I'm always preferred upright werewolves to those that were more wolf than man in the way they move. But I've seen a recent trending toward werewolves being on all fours, and it's bothered me. It's bothered my greatly. But what do you prefer? Werewolves walking like men with Scoliosis, all hunched over and creepy, or werewolves running like dogs? I'm actually interested in knowing what you think. Leave comments below. Word.


Jorge L. Moore said...

If I had to choose between the two.. I guess I would also say two legged... its kind of like asking what would you like better.. a transformer as the camaro.. or as the actual transformer... both are awesome.. but the fully "were" of the werewolf is when its standing up... but with a major hunchback of course... and for the record.. there should now be were-dogs... I would love to see a poodle transform into one and chew up a Beverly Hills socialite... just sayin

Rich Knight said...

Ha! Just agreein'

Dayve Black said...

I believe that they can change levels at will. I also subscribe to the ones that reject human society and stay as a Lycan pack and on all fours at all times

Rich Knight said...

Not all werewolves can change levels at will, but those are the ones that I like, too. The ones who aren't slaves to the moon. I also like when they stay in Lycan pack. I'm a big fan of the intro to the second Underworld movie. That was the greatest werewolf introduction next to the transformation in "An American Werewolf in London" that I've ever seen. Thanks for reading.

Werewolf967 said...

Prob werewolves upright.