Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video Games That I'm Ashamed to Have Owned At One Point in My Life, Entry Four: Taboo: The Sixth Sense

(Image taken from: giantbomb.com)

How I even got Taboo: The Sixth Sense, which was a tarot card game for the NES, I shit you not, is beyond me. But I distinctly remember it sitting in-between Bad Dudes and Bump and Jump when I was younger, so yes, I definitely had it.

Besides having one of the greatest soundtracks, well, ever. (I mean, just listen to it)

this "game" was utter drek. And the reason why I have the word "game" in quotation marks, is because calling it such is being way too kind, as you seriously don't do anything but enter in your name, your birthday, your sex, and a question, and...well, that's it. That's the ENTIRE game. I am dead-serious.


See? Was I lying? What's even crazier though is the fact that this game was made by Rare, which is the same company that brought us this:

(Image taken from: speeddemonsarchive.com)

And this:

(Image taken from: teamteabag.com)

So the fact that they started off with a game that is little more than a glorified fortune cookie is ridiculous!

But you want to know the worst part of all this and why I'm REALLY ashamed to have owned it? Because I actually convinced one of my first grade classmates that this was a really great game and got Ninja Gaiden in exchange for it. Later that year, the kid moved to Florida and he never asked for his game back, so I still have his copy of NG 'til this day. True story.

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