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Which Buffet is Better? Pizza Hut Buffet, Or CiCi's?


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Or This?

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There's no denying it...I'm a fat boy. And as a fat boy, I love buffets. I also love pizza. So you KNOW I love pizza buffets. But which is better? Cici's, or Pizza Hut Buffet? Let's Find out.

The Selection

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Let's face it, Pizza Hut's product is better than CiCi's. CiCi's pizza tastes like it's a day old even when it's just put it out. But Pizza Hut's slices are sublime. That said, can I get a macaroni slice at P-Hut? No, sir. How about a buffalo chicken slice? No, madam. Hell, even the apple pizza that P-Hut used to put out for desset isn't even there anymore. Point goes to CiCi's.

The Quality

As I mentioned earlier, CiCi's pizza tastes like somebody coughed on it last night and put it out this morning, while Pizza Hut's food tastes fresh. Heck, you can even see some poor, sweating fat guy in the back making it while you wait impatiently. Point goes to Pizza Hut

The Ambiance

Being that CiCi's is ALWAYS a buffet while P-Hut is only a buffet from about 11:30 PM to 2:00 PM, you would think CiCi's has the advantage, but no, CiCi's ambiance sucks. It looks cheap and I feel like it belongs in a Walmart. Sure, P-Hut is mad dark and you sometimes feel like you're in a dungeon, but CiCi's is just too bright and reveals too much of its ugliness. Point goes to Pizza Hut.

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The Wait Staff

The waiters at Pizza Hut are pretty good. They come by frequently and fill your diet soda for you. But you know what sucks? You have to tip them. Yeah, I know. It's really hard parting with those two dollars. But at CiCi's, you don't have to tip anybody. You have to get up your damn self and fill your own drinks. Since I'm fat and not morbidly obese and don't mind getting up, I'm going to give this one to CiCi's. Though, if you ARE morbidly obese, then you might prefer the service of sitting down longer. Point goes to CiCi's.

The Price

Both P-Hut and CiCi's are ridiculously cheap, and since you get a wide selection at both, I'm going to have to give this a draw. Points go to both CiCi's and Pizza Hut.

The Desserts

P-Hut Buffet once owned this category with their apple and berry pizza. But with those gone, all you can get now are Cinnastix (And they don't even come with "glaze" as my friend once called them). CiCi's desserts aren't much better, being that they're a brownie and some apple crap, but it's still two to one, and two is better than one, right? Point goes to CiCi's.

The Verdict:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but CiCi's Pizza is better than P-Hut Buffet. Being an immense fan of P-Hut for all these years, I'm actually kind of shocked. If P-Hut served their famous stuffed crust pizza in their buffet, P-Hut might have taken it. But they don't, and CiCi's has Macaroni slices, so they're the winner. To celebrate, enjoy this video from the Fat Boys. It's good for what ails ya.

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