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My Top Five Favorite OMG, WTF moments in Movies

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Drive is freaking incredible, man. If you haven't seen it yet, then we're no longer friends, because it's definitely one of the best movies I've seen all year. Bryan Cranston's in it. Nuff said.

Even so, besides the great story, beautiful cinematography, and slammin' soundtrack, one of the best things about it is how startling and violent it is, with there being many OMG, WTF moments in it. It got me to thinking about some other great, OMG, WTF moments in movies. Here are my top five.

5. Pulp Fiction's casual conversation leads to face blown in

A conversation about God in a moving car turns really messy when John Travolta, turned around in his seat while holding a gun, fires his gun by accident when Samuel L. Jackson hits a pothole. This is very much a, OMG, WTF moment because you would never see it coming, even with Travolta holding the gun. I remember actually saying, WHAT THE F**K when I first saw this scene in my house because I didn't initially know what even happened when all the blood splattered. One of the very best.

4. Harold and Kumar's, "Is this your special bush?"

I don't know if I've ever laughed harder at a scene in a movie. Kal Penn is pissing at a bush, and out of nowhere, Jamie Kennedy walks out and starts peeing at the same bush, only to get mad at Penn for asking why he decided to pee there. And I don't know why, but I just find the line, "Is this your special bush?" hilarious. It's like, OMG, WTF would I do if that ever happened to me. I'd probably shit myself while I'm peeing. Now THERE'S an interesting visual.

3. Troll 2's, "There's no coffee here in Nolbog. It's the Devil's drink!"

The whole movie of Troll 2 is one big, OMG, WTF am I watching? But this one scene in particular just makes me laugh and drag my hand down my face. Some guy who looks like Don Imus (Says the Rifftrax guys, and they're right), comes out of a curtain and assaults a young man who just chomped on a green (!) sandwich, by not giving him coffee because it's, "The devil's drink." Okay, WTF? Since when? Even better is when the teen asks for eggs and the guy goes, "EHHHH!" in disgust. Oh, Troll 2, I could watch you every day and never grow tired of you.

2. The Usual Suspect's, "Verbal" Kint was Keyser Soze all along

I STILL get chills thinking about that end scene in The Usual Suspects when Kevin Spacey loses the limp and we find out that the cops had their suspect the whole time and didn't even know it. This is one of the best OMG, WTF moments in cinema history because it literally happens in the last four minutes of the film. I actually SCREAMED, WHAT THE F**K at the end of this movie before WTF was even popular. This scene definitely warranted it.


In an already weird movie, some blond kid, out of nowhere, screams pancakes at a man. He then, again out of nowhere, does a jump kick off the porch he's on and martial arts moves before he bites said man's hand. If that's not a OMG, WTF moment, then that term shouldn't even exist at all. And while I'd love to embed the clip below for you, it's impossible upon request, so here's the link

And a rendition of it below. Enjoy!

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