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Eating out in Chester: Taylor’s Ice Cream Parlor

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Spring is here and the summer’s fast approaching. Let’s go get some ice cream. Or maybe you want some yogurt. Do you want it be gluten free? Non-fat? Okay, wait, now you say you want an Italian Ice? Man, you’re picky. But picky is what you can be here at Taylor’s Ice Cream Parlor in Chester. They have something here for all of your picky needs.

“We have a flavor for pretty much everyone,” co-owner Ron Klein says, who runs the shop along with his wife, Margaret, “Anyone that’s allergic to anything, we can always accommodate everyone.”

“We have the ices, which are dairy free, [so] there’s no dairy products [in them],” Klein continues, “We have gluten free ice cream, we have sugar free, we have non-fat yogurt, so we can pretty much accommodate anyone.”

And how! With 48 flavors of homemade ice cream to choose from, you’ll definitely find a taste that suits your character. And they even have some new flavors this year.

“We have a special rich chocolate that’s very rich and very chocolatey,” Klein says, “We have a Chips Ahoy ice cream that has the Chips Ahoy cookies in them. And we have a Pineapple Orange ice cream, which is really good and refreshing.”

“A lot of times, I will just create them [these different flavors] in my own mind and see what works, see what doesn’t work,” Klein continues, “ I try it out, my wife tastes it, some of the kids will check it out. And if we have a fair approval, we’ll make it and put it in the store.”

Everyone here has a say, including his ample supply of young employees.
“We still employ a lot of local kids,” Klein says, “We probably have more employees here than most businesses in town.”

They also help out those in need, from donating money to revealing the craft of how to make the ice cream itself.

“I give free demonstrations on how the ice cream is being made,” Klein says, “We generally have a dozen boy scouts, girl scout troops come in during the year, and we’re always helping the local charities, and still giving good service. We have a great product.”

One of those great products is their famous ice cream cakes, which can be ready for you in very short notice and can also come in a wide assortment of flavors.
“We can make them out of any of our 48 flavors, which a lot of places won’t do,” Klein says, “And a lot of places will need a week’s notice. We can get a cake together within the day, sometimes less.”

“We’ll help out as much as possible, and our cakes are popular, they’re good,” Klein continues, “They’re with our homemade ice cream.”

And we already know how good their ice cream is. So come on by some time and say hello to Ron or his wife or the many employees who you may already know already working here. It’s nice outside now, and you deserve a treat.


WHERE: 18 Main Street, Chester
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 908-879-5363
HOURS: Seven days a week, 10:30AM-9:00PM, though, during the summer, the time becomes 10:30AM-10:30PM
CUISINE: Ice Cream, yogurt, the good stuff
DRESS: Casual
THE SCENE: A pleasant shop with seats inside. Dig in.
ATMOSPHERE: Ron, his wife, and his young employees are always cheerful here, and wouldn’t you be? Serving ice cream all day to happy customers? It’s a swell job
PARKING: In the lot around back
OWNER: Ron and Margaret Klein

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