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Eating Out in Chester: Sub Pub

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Finding a good Chinese place in any given town? That’s not so hard, as there’s usually at least one dependable Chinese restaurant no matter where you go. Same with pizza joints. But sandwich shops? Not so much. Luckily for Chester residents, they do have a terrific sandwich place, and it goes by the name of Sub Pub. Hey, 38 years in the business has to stand for something, right?

“We haven’t changed anything as far as the quality of the product and the amount that we put on a sandwich,” says shop owner, Karen Wolfe, who has worked in the shop in some capacity since 1975, “Even though times have been tough, we haven’t changed anything. Prices go up, obviously, but we still maintain the same,” she thinks about it for a second before she says, “the only word I can use is quality.”

And that quality has been enjoyed by residents and out-of-towners for quite some time now. Even after other sandwich places have set up shop over the years.

“You know, sometimes, competition is good,” Wolfe says, “the customer gets a chance to see if they can get the same thing for less or better, but usually, they can’t, so it increases our following. It brings them back plus more.”

With more than 40 sandwiches to choose from, it might be hard to pick out a favorite from their delectable menu, but there are two that sit at the top of their list that customers can’t seem to get enough of.

“Your basic Italian sub is the most popular,” Wolfe says, “And [there’s also] the Long Valley, which is Swiss cheese, roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spices and Russian dressing.”

They also have party platters just in case one of their regular sized sandwiches is just not enough for you.

“We do 6 footers, and 3 footers,” Wolfe says, “We do cold cut platters, submarine sandwich platters, and we do Sloppy Joe platters.”

They even cater other items if you’re looking for a bit more.

“We also do some hot catering like baked ziti, and lasagna, and chicken parmesan,” Wolfe says, “Some hot dish catering.”

But they typically just stick to what their bests at—their subs.

“We’ll do it [cater items outside of subs] occasionally, like, someone will ask us and it’s always available,” Wolfe says, “but it’s mainly the sandwiches that we do.”
So, what don’t they do then? Well, alcohol, for one thing, even though it’s called a Pub.

“No, there's no alcohol,'' Wolfe says, "We have root beer and birch beer. If that floats your boat, no problem,'' she says with a laugh.

So, why the name then?

“The name was there for so long that we didn't want to change it,'' Wolfe says, "People had associated the business with the name, so we just kept it and continued to run with it."

Well, whatever the name, a sub is still a sub, no matter what you call it. And these subs just happen to be delicious. Chester, you never had it so good. Well, except for maybe the past 38 years.

WHERE: 35 Perry Street, Chester
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 908-879-5334
HOURS: Tuesday-Friday, 10:00AM-6:00PM, Saturday, 10:30AM-6:00PM, Sunday, 10:30AM-5:00PM, Closed MOnday
PAYMENT: Cash, credit, Visa and Mastercard
DRESS: Casual
THE SCENE: An pleasant sandwich shop has some seats to eat inside. It’s a quaint little place.
ATMOSPHERE: Just down the street from two ice cream parlors, this is the perfect place to scarf down a sandwich before satisfying your sweet tooth up the street.
PARKING: In the lot nearby
OWNER: Karen Wolfe

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