Friday, July 27, 2012

The 25 Best Underground Rap Albums Of All Time (Part 4)

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16. Juggaknots-Clear Blue Skies
Released in: 1996
Label: Fondle ‘Em
While the Juggaknots’ first album, Clear Blue Skies, isn’t the masterwork that it could be (some of the beats are just terrible), a few of its tracks are the best and most poignant in rap history. The title track is obviously the greatest, featuring a story of a father talking shit against his son’s black girlfriend, while “Loosifa,” is haunting in how loose and light it’s handled. It’s a rare and hard to find album, but a great listen all the same. At least most of it is. Try to find it. 

Best track: Clear Blue Skies

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15. Viktor Vaughn-Venomous Villain
Released in 2004
Label: Insomniac, Inc.
Okay, so here’s where we might disagree. Yes, we know Vaudeville Villain is the more beloved album of the two, but we just prefer Viktor Vaughn’s (Another alias by, who else, MF Doom) sophomore release because of its pacing and flow. “R.A.P.G.A.M.E.” “Dope Skill,” and “Doper Skill,” are three excellent tracks that flow seamlessly with each other, as do all the tracks on this deliciously constructed release from the metal-masked villain. We approve.

Best track: Ode to Road Rage


Scott said...

While I still approve, put me in the Vaudeville Villain camp. I actually probably like Madvillain most, though mainly because I'm a huge Madlib stan and have everything he's put out. I think VV and Mmm...Food are probably DOOM's best showings.

Never heard of your first pick here.. need to go check it out.

Rich Knight said...

I actually have more Doom on this list, so stay tuned, bro. You know I love my MF...