Monday, June 18, 2012

The Umbilical cord Sea Monster

A few weeks ago, I went to this indie comic event called MoCCA (The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art). While walking about the booths, I stumbled upon a guy named Michael Manomivibul who had some of the most stunning artwork I'd ever seen in my entire life. (You can find some of his work here: Seeing his stunning portfolio, I knew I just had to have a piece done by him for my book, The Darkness of the Womb. And here's that piece. It's the umbilical cord sea monster from chapter 17 of my novel. I love every last thing about this picture, especially the surging power of the splash as it bursts out of the water. It's a work of art. When I push the book to agents again, this is one of the pieces I'm going to show them. But until then, I'm putting it on my wall! It's a masterpiece. I couldn't be happier.

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