Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Is the Most Dangerous Animal in the World? (Better Luck Next Time, Sharks)

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Jaws is a really good movie and it made Steven Spielberg a star. After its release, a lot of people were afraid to go back in the water, and for good reason. But sharks really aren’t THAT bad. I mean, they made Shark Week for us.

And as it happens, they’re even lightweights at Sea World, losing out in terms of being an ice cold murderer to… jellyfish. Which animal is most likely to ruin your sh*t?

Well, jellyfish kill around 100 people each year to a shark’s paltry (laughable, even) 30-100. I mean, seriously, even bees are more dangerous than sharks, as bees cause over 400 deaths each year. Do they have a Bee Week? They do not. Bee Movie, certainly though.

More impressive still are the dangers of scorpions, which kill at least 5000 people each year. You’ll never guess number one, though. Unless you’ve read about Africa in the past, I don’t know, ten years.

The high number of deaths that come as a result of mosquito bites are those mostly in Africa that carry diseases such as Malaria. Mosquitoes by far outrank the number 2 most dangerous animals in number of deaths, causing over 2 million deaths every year!

Snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, and elephants also kill more people than sharks.

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