Sunday, August 9, 2009

Johnny Cash To Be Latest Dead Musician To Join The Guitar Hero Series

Following in Jimi Hendrix’s footsteps (Though, any fan of the Man in Black himself would probably have me lit up in a ring of fire if they heard me say that), is Johnny Cash, who’s going to be in the latest Guitar Hero 5. The song that he’ll be performing will of COURSE be “Ring of Fire,” since the Guitar Hero series very rarely features songs that haven’t already heard to death by now, and he’ll likely be one of the bosses or play-along characters like in the last game. Johnny Cash tribute artist, Terry Lee Goffee, has provided the motion capturing for him in the game, so you can expect all of the smug looks and smooth head gyrations of the musician who once legendary played to convicts in California’s Folsom State Prison.

Now, for my thoughts. I like Johnny Cash and all, and I’m happy that he’s in the game, but how many more Guitar Heroes can we expect before we start to suffer Tony Hawk malaise, which is also made by Activision. Sure, the first three games were fun, and the fourth game, as you’ll see in my review:, had me swooning when I played it. But in between that game and this new one coming out, we’ve had collection packs of old songs, DS games, and just about any other title that can make you say, “Alright already, no more. No more.” Alas, the games just keep on coming in the G hero series and they don’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon. Hopefully, DJ Hero will raise the music genre out of its, been there, done that, slump. But until then, Mr. Johnny Cash, everybody!

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