Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Up In Smoke

Flames engulfed an Extreme Scapes truck on Wednesday, May 30th, sending its driver, Samuel Burlum, out and into the street until assistance came to extinguish the fireball. The fire trucks came roaring in about two or three minutes after the incident.

Taking place on Barber St. in Oak Ridge at 10:30 in the morning, Mr. Burlum was servicing his client, Dr. Robert Ashman, the owner of the West Milford Animal Hospital, when it all occurred.

“There was a flash under the driver’s seat and then came a plume of smoke. I grabbed my briefcase and jumped out the car as quickly as possible,” says Mr. Burlum.

The truck was totally destroyed in the fire.

This is actually not the first time sabotage has been suspected, as a post St. Patrick’s Day incident sent another one of Mr. Burlum’s trucks to an early grave, that incident involving nuts and bolts placed in the engine, something that Mr. Burlum said was possibly the work of somebody looking to bring down the company.

Not wanting to point any fingers before the police finish their investigation, Mr. Burlum still candidly admits that there are those he thinks it almost might definitely be.

“There is a history with one or two people [who could possibly be the arsonists].”
All the same, Mr. Burlum doesn’t lose hope and sees this as another loss the company can bounce back from.

“Basically, we’ve been in business for fifteen years. We’ve done work for Northern New Jersey, and Southern New York, and we’ve had our ups and downs,” says Mr. Burlum, offering a personal statement.

“We’ve faced adversity in the past, [but] this will not prevent future business. We ask for our clients to be patient. We just need to recoup our loses.”

“He did report it as suspicious,” adds Jefferson Lieutenant, Eric Wilsusen in an email. “It is currently under investigation.”

Note: This is not the truck that set fire but rather a picture I found on a website.

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