Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ZOMG! NiGHTS is Coming To the Wii!

Fans of the cult classic Saturn game, NiGHTS: Into Dreams, can stop tossing and turning in their beds now that it’s been announced that a sequel to the somnolent sleeper will be coming soon to the Wii. And while I know this isn’t as ZOMG worthy as, say, a sequel to ZAMN (Zombies Ate My Neighbors), it’s still a great surprise for those who actually purchased a Saturn way back when, only to find out that it only had three other great games in its roster—Phantasy Star, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Baku Baku Animal (Not to be confused with Waku Waku 7, just look it up!).

Little is known about this new NiGHTS, which is set to be titled, Journey of Dreams, other than that it’s an entirely new adventure that isn’t going to be just a rehash of the original. What that also means is that speculation is fair game as to what could possibly be featured in this Wii exclusive. But the fact that Nintendo’s special Wii-mote controller will be involved can only make the seasoned NiGHTS fan just imagine what could possibly come out of this new adventure. Perhaps, it’ll all be like one very lucid dream (Too bad it’s coming out for the Wii instead of the X-box, then. That would have gone perfectly with Peter Moore’s whole 360 schpeel.)

If you haven’t seen it yet, though, word on the streets -- or, at least word at my local GameStop -- is that this game isn’t looking all that hot. But even back when the original came out in ‘96, NiGHTS was never much of a looker when put side-by-side with most of the PSX games that were coming out at the time. So hopefully, gameplay will once again win over people when it finally comes out.

Here’s hoping.

Next game I want to see updated: Streets of Rage. Make it happen, Sega!

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