Monday, May 28, 2007

Could it be? Could another Street Fighter be in the works?

As far as rumors go, a genuine Street Fighter sequel (and not just a rehash or a “Turbo, Hyper, Awesome, Special Edition” slapped at the top of it) is a pretty big thing. And if the rumor mongers that be are correct, we might be seeing a sequel to the series that Ryu built not too far off into the future.

According to, when asked about the possibilities of an upcoming Street Fighter sequel, an Udon Comics spokesperson at a San Diego Comics Convention said that something was in the works. And then, to add Gummy Bears to the ice cream, a Capcom representative apparently said that the company had not forgotten its fans and that something is definitely in the works.

If this is in fact true, I have nothing but high hopes that a sequel could once again sweep the arcades and bring people back to quarter munching bliss at their local malls. I personally really dug Street Fighter 3 and found the new character Alex to be a devastating powerhouse when used correctly.

But as good as a sequel to Street Fighter would be, where the heck is my follow-up to Marvel vs. Capcom 2? I mean, I know the soundtrack was absolutely hideous, but the gameplay was out of this world, and I can’t wait to get back behind the joystick to unleash 100+ hit combos on my fellow man. I want to see Punisher vs Moon Knight, dammit, and I want to see it NOW! (Editor's Note: Agreed)

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