Thursday, February 12, 2015

Three Reasons That I'm Now Totally Pissed About this Spider-Man Marvel/Sony Deal

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Oh, man. You should have talked to me two days ago. I was glowing when I heard the news that Sony would finally let Spider-Man play nice in the Marvel/Disney cinematic universe. Glowing! But after some recent developments, that glow has faded to a point that you could now say I'm in a pretty dark place. Why, you ask (I'm just assuming you're asking)? Well, read below and I'll tell you.

3. Spider-Man is Still Owned By Sony

Has Sony made any good Spider-Man movies? Yes. The first Spider-Man 2, directed by Sam Raimi, was amazing (Pun intended), as was the first Amazing Spider-Man movie by Marc Webb, which is my favorite SM film to date. But then, you have all the other Spider-Man movies, and you quickly realize that Sony doesn't have the best track record. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was one of the worst movies of last year, bar none. But my main concern is that I really wanted Marvel to take the reins of Spider-Man, who is arguably my favorite Marvel character ever (After Moon Knight). Sure, Sony might make a good Spider-Man movie here or there, but Marvel is on a roll with their properties. And I was really looking forward to what Marvel/Disney could do with Spider-Man, since they can apparently do no wrong. Now, we'll just have to settle for him in Captain American 3: Civil War. Oh, and about that...

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2. Spider-Man is Going to Be a Teenager Again

Oh, my Goooood. WHY are we going BACKWARD again? We already KNOW the story of Spider-Man. We've been given his origin story TWICE already. And while this new Spider-Man movie we're getting (after Civil War) might not really be an origin story, it's still taking the character back to a time that we've already seen him in. Instead of progressing from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with Peter Parker embarking on adulthood, we're back to a young Peter Parker again. Why? And with the Civil War story arc, where does that leave us? Are you telling me that we're supposed to care what some KID thinks about working for or against the government when it comes to having super powers? I mean, since Spider-Man is making his first Marvel/Disney appearance in Captain America 3: Civil War, then that means that the spotlight will be taken away from Captain America and Iron Man's story, in favor of introducing the brand new Spidey, who's a kid and not even experienced enough to have much of a say at being a superhero. Also, who CARES if he reveals his identity if he hasn't already been introduced before? This is starting to sound like a mess, just like Batman vs. Superman. And then, what about Black Panther? On to reason number 1.

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1. Black Panther Might Be Put on the Backburner

The biggest casualty of this news is probably Black Panther, who was supposed to be introduced in Civil War. Now, there's nothing saying that he might not still be introduced, but this Spider-Man announcement has pushed all of the Marvel movies back, including Black Panther, who was rumored to fill in for Spider-Man, who is such an integral part of the Civil War story arc. Now, Black Panther is getting pushed aside a whole year to make way for Spider-Man, and it really sucks. Here, we had a relatively C-list Marvel character who could have seriously benefited from the Civil War push, but now, he's going to have to stand on his own. I'm not saying the character won't be able to do it, but still. It's a shitty move. And for what? To throw in some young punk Spider-Man?

I don't know. Maybe I'm making more of this than I should, but I just wish they would have stuck with an adult Peter Parker and Marvel had full rights to the character, rather than partial, but oh, well. Marvel/Disney has been killing it lately, and I hope this is no different. I'll try my best to be a true believer. I will. I gotta believe.

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