Saturday, April 26, 2014

Professor X Has Fart Propulsion in Latest X-Men Poster

I swear, why can't they make decent posters for X-Men movies these days? First, we got that horrible, face in the crotch poster for X-Men: First Class

(Image taken from:

And now, we have this hideous joke of a poster.

(Image taken from:

Granted, not all of the poster is a disaster, but, c'mon! Look at Professor X at the bottom. It looks like he has fart propulsion. I mean, why couldn't they just show his wheelchair? Why did they have to position him over a fireball like that, making him look like he regrets going to Taco Bell last night? I mean, what the hell were they thinking? Was this a joke? I can't see them doing this by accident, as they purposely took away his wheelchair. So my only conclusion is that this must be a joke. They honestly put Sir Patrick Stewart in a position where he's shooting up into the air by his ass while Sentinels fly in and Wolverine does his best romance cover impression. I mean, my God. Who did they think Professor X is? Gamera?

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