Monday, October 14, 2013

Tina From Glee Has Got To Be One of The Worst Characters on TV

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Let me just start this off by saying that I'm not a "Gleek". In fact, I actually prefer watching the show on DVR after my wife has watched it so I can just fast-forward past all the songs (I know, blasphemy). But I have watched the show since nearly the beginning, and all I have to say is, what the hell happened to Tina? I mean, in the past, she's never really been that important a character, but currently, it seems like the writers have decided to give her a larger role on the show, and that role is as the consummate d-bag.

She has gone from second-fiddle to a petty, egotistical character who cares more about having to wear black all week than the death of one of her former friends (I'm referring to Finn, of course). And the episode where she wanted to be prom queen simply because she wanted to feel special felt wrong, not because she wanted to feel special but because of the means she was willing to get it. When she got splashed at the end, a la, Carrie, you actually felt like she deserved it. I mean, do the writers WANT us to hate Tina now?

I don't know why they did it, but Tina is a truly repugnant character now and one I groan about every time I see her on the screen. But what do you think about her? Am I blowing this out of proportion, or has her character really changed for the worst? Sound out in the comments section.

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