Sunday, February 5, 2012

Four Great Bands Where Multiple Members Sing Lead Vocals

Props to the bands where there are multiple singers. It's one thing to have multiple creative minds in a group, and another to have groups where almost everybody has the balls to sing. Here's a list of the only bands I can think of that have accomplished this feat. Can you think of any others?

4. Weezer

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Was the Red album any good? Well, no, not really, but on it, all four members each had a song of their own to sing. And even better, when they went on tour for the album, they all played different instruments every night. That's pretty badass.

3. Mastodon

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Mastodon is an interesting band in that multiple members sing lead within the same song. What I mean is, whole sections of a song will have up to three members of the band singing lead. Too bad lead guitarist, Bill Kelliher, keeps quiet. :(

2. Kiss

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Those who only know Kiss from their biggest single, "Rock and Roll All Nite" might think that Gene Simmons is the lead singer of the group, when the truth is, he only sung lead on a very small number of Kiss songs. But the truth is, of the original lineup of Ace, Paul, Gene, and Peter Criss, all of them got a chance to sing lead. Bitchin'.

1. The Beatles

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And of course, the biggest band in the world had all four members singing. What makes The Beatles the most amazing group of all on this list is that each member had at least (at LEAST) one song that's considered a Beatles classic to their own. Even Ringo, with "Yellow Submarine" and "Octopus's Garden" had his share of hits. Unbelievable.