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The Top Fifteen Greatest YouTube Videos Of All Time

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After unlimited porn, Google, and Facebook (In that order), the next greatest thing the internet has ever provided us humans is YouTube. Whether the videos were uploaded by ordinary Americans or were found from around the world, YouTube has provided us with countless hours of enjoyment. Here are the top fifteen best videos from the user-friendly site. Enjoy.

15. Friday

The true definition of a Youtube "star." Rebecca Black proved to the world that something can be SO awful, that it's actually enjoyable. And here's the proof.

14. Best Freak Out Ever

Is there anything better than a nerd so upset that he lost everything from his WOW account that he tries to stick a remote up his ass? Nope.

13. Leprechaun in the hood

If you can't tell from the picture above, I'm a black dude. Still, I can't help but laugh at the ignorance of this one black community in Alabama that is convinced they saw a leprechaun in their neighborhood. The best is the sketch of this said leprechaun. That could have been a cleaned up version of Bushwick Bill they saw, hiding up in a tree.

12. Honey Badger

Is "Randall" gay? Is he straight and just pretending to be gay? I don't know. But I do know this. Whoever this "Randall" guy is, he's funny. Narrating something from National Geographic and revealing just how badass the honey badger really is, Randall gives a play by play ("'Whoa! Watch out!'" says that bird")of the most "fearless" animal in the world. Seriously, watch out.

11. My New Haircut

Dripping with truth is this video about a nobody getting a new, Guido haircut, and becoming a somebody. What's so great about this vid is that it actually predates The Jersey Shore and it's about 100 times funnier than it. PROTEIIIN! Muscle MIILLLK!

10. Tunak Tunak

Daler Mehndi is no joke. I actually had my best friend, who's Indian, buy me his greatest hits album. And I dug it! It's cheerful and fun. That said, this video is just bananas. It has really awful special effects that look like lost footage from Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Which is why it's awesome.

9. Zombie Kid Really Likes Turtles

This video is just classic. Here you have this kid, probably thinking about watching cartoons later, when this reporter comes out of nowhere and asks him a question about his makeup. And he says the first thing that's on his mind, which is his affinity toward turtles. The best part is watching the reporter trying not to laugh her ass off about how dumb this kid is. But hey, I like turtles, too!

8. Fat Girl Falls Off Table

This video is like an Alfred Hitchcock movie with all the suspense involved. You know no good can come from a girl that big standing on a table that small. And the whole time, you're just WAITING for that table to bust in two. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Her weight distribution to the front of the table makes it flip over. But the fall itself is satisfying enough. I especially love her rolling around on the floor and cursing. Serves you right, babe.

7. Double Rainbow

You know, I never even thought about how awesome double rainbows were until I watched this video, but yeah, they're pretty rad. Not so rad that I start crying and screaming to the heavens, but yup, pretty rad, indeed. Double rainbow all the way!

6. Unmasked Power Rangers Perform a Song Called Moscau

No, they're not Power Rangers. They're a group called Dschinghis Khan. But that still doesn't steal from the greatness of this video that proves that music around the world is much more interesting than anything we have over here. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Moscow, Moscow, Vildy is the Andyman, Roshland is the Shirlistan. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Hey!

5. Justin Wong vs. Daigo at Evo 2004

Justin Wong's Chun-Li is beastly in Street Fighter 3, and he really had Daigo's Ken on the run. But then, IT happened. Describing the event really doesn't do it justice. You just have to see it to love it. Those parries to Chun-Li's lightning kicks are astounding and I get chills every time I watch them and hear the rising crescendo of the crowd. But I guess you have to had play the game to really appreciate this clip.

4. Spaghetti Cat

Joel McHale describes this random clip perfectly. I'll let him do the talking. Watch it if you haven't seen it already.

3. It's Just like, It's Just like, a Mini MAUL!

"Living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes, oh, yeah!" Seriously, if this guy was singing this song outside of a store and I was just passing by, I would TOTALLY step inside. Best. Marketing. Ever.

2. Guy in Bear Suit Walks on the Beach After a Hurricane

Now here is a video that shows just why I love YouTube. No other site can truly capture the craziness that happens around the world like this site, and this video is evidence of that. You know that somebody saw this on TV, couldn't stop laughing, and posted it on the site immediately for the rest of the world to enjoy. Ah, the beauty of YouTube.

1. Indians Having a Good Time

Sure, it's not "Charlie Bit My Finger," Or, "Hide your kids, hide your wife" or any of the other videos you were expecting at the number one spot, but out of all the videos I've ever seen on YouTube, this is my absolute favorite. It was the actual inspiration for this list. As mentioned in my number two, YouTube is all about capturing something on film, and letting the world see it. And nothing is more unbelievable and hilarious than this clip of a bunch of Indian guys (With one in particular) just having a good time. There are actually lots of versions of this clip, but this is my favorite, as the idea of going nuts over a techno version of "Baby" by Justin Beiber, just makes me happy inside. So yep, the best video on YouTube of all time. Enjoy it.

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