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My Top Ten Favorite Movies

A lot of people say I have awful taste in films. But actually, no. My taste in films is amazing. It's actually better than yours. And if you don't believe me, then just check out these movies below. I think you'll tend to agree.

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10. The Tree of Life

Rotten Tomatoes score: 85%

It might be a bit early to put this in my top ten favorite films list, having come out just this year, but I was absolutely blown away when I saw it. From beginning to end, Terrence Malick's epic film is probably the only movie that I've ever seen where the overall storyline didn't even matter. It's just a beautiful movie to watch. It's a very quiet film, but also, loud in its visuals and music. It's wonderful. It's like a visual poem. Top class. A plus work. See it. If you can find it anywhere.

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9. Cool Hand Luke

RT score: 100%

The movie that got me into Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke is a landmark film. It has stellar pacing, great acting, and some of the most famous lines in film history ("What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate"). I love this film. Paul Newman's smile is vintage. One of the best movies of the 60s.

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8. Barton Fink

RT score: 90%

The Coen Bros. best film in my opinion, it's a movie about writing. Or really, a lack thereof. In other words, it's about writer's block, and man, is it weird. Two John's (John Turturro and John Goodman) steal the show in this comedy/drama. And well, I don't know what else to say about it. The ending is just surreal. It's almost just a cheap joke. But it's still classic. Just like the movie itself.

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7. There Will Be Blood

RT score: 91%

I'm actually pretty surprised this isn't on more favorites lists. It might be pretty recent (2007), but it's still one of the only films that I could watch over and over again and still find more and more to appreciate with every repeated viewing. Daniel Day Lewis does the performance of a lifetime, and the score (performed by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead fame)is tremendous. The storyline itself is just twisted, and it's brilliant in its scope and ambition. An American classic, through and through.

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6. Pulp Fiction

RT score: 94%

I think it's pretty obvious that Quentin Tarantino will never make a better film than Pulp Fiction. The shifting storyline, the untrustworthy characters, the dialogue, the ending. Everything about the film is quintessential 90s and yet, timeless at the same time (Just watch Kurosawa's Rashomon. They're practically the same movie in scope). Inglorious Bastards doesn't even come close.

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5. Midnight Cowboy

RT Score: 90%

How John Wayne beat Dustin Hoffman for best actor in 1969, I have no idea (It's all politics). Dustin Hoffman does some of the best acting I've ever seen in my entire life as Rico Ratso, and Jon Voight isn't half bad himself. It's a manly story, and yet, very sentimental and sad. It's a song for the streets. A wonderful film. Though, today, I can't see how it would be rated X. This stuff would probably be PG-13 today.

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4. Adaptation

RT score: 91%

Another film about writer's block, this one is beyond weird. Even weirder than Charlie Kaufman's previously written film, Being John Malkovich (Another great picture). In it, Nic Cage (One of my fave actors) plays, well, Charlie Kaufman. And also his made-up brother, Donald Kaufman. He's writing a script for a book about flowers, but then, the movie becomes about him writing the script, and well, just watch it. It's worth it. Chris Cooper is great as well. He won an Oscar for it and deserved it. A rarity for the Academy Awards to actually award TRUE greatness.

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3. Total Recall

RT Score: 81%

The deepest film Arnold S has ever done, I'm surprised everybody fawned over Inception and didn't go back and talk about how great this was, because really, it's the better picture. And the ending in it is an even bigger draw. Was he in the machine, or was he really a spy? Why knows? But I have my theories ("Ah, blue skies on Mars. That's a new one."). It's a brain bender. A great one.

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2. Big Trouble in Little China

RT score: 82

This is just a childhood favorite of mine. It also gets better with age. When I was younger, I actually feared some of the scenes (Especially with Lo Pan shooting light out of his eyes) but as an adult, it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my life. The action is ridiculous, the story is even MORE ridiculous, and it's infinitely re-watchable. I've probably seen it over 20 times. And it never gets old. Ever. Almost the perfect film.

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1. Apocalypse Now

RT score: 99%

The greatest film I've ever seen, I can't think of a movie that I could watch more than this one. Every single scene in this flick is from a director who was tortured to get his work to the screen and it shows. It's a labor to watch, but in a good way, a satisfying way. Some scenes are just hard to sit through, and some scenes make you laugh. Marlon Brando is equally hilarious and horrifying, and there are just too many moments to mention. If you haven't seen it yet, then you must. It's a landmark work. And my favorite film ever. Watch it. And if you've seen it already, watch it again. It's the best. Take a look.

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throat culture said...

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: One of the best and poorly written films of all time - if you pay attention to the dialogue - it's TELLS you everything that is happening. Show vs Tell but regardless I have yet to see a movie of this caliber last so long!