Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Know What I Hate? People Who Completely Stop When They Need To Make A Turn

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People are idiots. I hate them. I them a lot. Sometimes, when I drive, people are also on the road, and it pisses me off because most people can't drive. Let me explain.

A lot of times, there are these people on the road who are old. They drive about forty miles below the speed limit, and always look so confused when I pass them by screaming at them. Worst of all, though is when they stop completely to make a turn and just sit there, judging whether their lives would be better off if they turned onto Van Houten St at three miles an hour rather than twenty. Come on, man, hurry up. You're going to make me late for typing on my blog about how much I hate you.

Haven't any of these geezers ever played Mario Kart before? You break WHILE you turn. You don't stop completely.


Is that so hard? Gawd!

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