Monday, January 18, 2010

Calling All Cars! Servers Go Off-line Forever

Remember that David Jaffe love project, Calling All Cars!, he made after he leaving the God of War franchise? It was a cartoony, downloadable game for the PSN that was in the same vein of Twisted Metal, and it had a pretty steady fanbase.

The game, which had you driving around and blasting other vehicles and capturing escaped convicts, has been around since 2007, so the beginning of its decline in online players really isn’t that big of a shocker. But it’s still pretty sad to see a game like this go. I remember playing it at my friend’s house when it first came out. It wasn’t God of War amazing, but it was still fun.

Well, the dream is over and Mr. Jaffe, probably jokingly, calls it “the beginning of the end” of his career. No word yet on what Jaffe plans to do next, but hopefully, it’s another Twisted Metal.

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