Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Friend Likes Ruining Movies For Others

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One of my best friends, James, has a smoking cough now when he laughs (Like an old man. It's sad, really. Very sad), so he couldn't pull this prank off again, but many years ago, we saw the Cuba Gooding Jr. vehicle (One of the last ones he would ever have in the theater before he went straight to DVD) Chill Factor, and ruined it for pretty much everybody there.

Wellllll....this is how he ruined it.

You see, before the movie came out, there was this REALLY lame line Cuba said in the commercial when Skeet Ulrich tells Cuba he wants him to drive him somewhere. Cuba, being the sassy, post-Jerry Maguire guy he was, said, Aww, hell naw, until Skeet put a gun in his face, to which, Cuba said, How far you got to go?

Classic, right? We know.

So, my other friend tells him, Yo, James, when that scene comes up, laugh as loud as you can, but little did we know just how loud my friend could laugh.

So through the whole movie, we're waiting for this scene to come up, waiting...waiting...we were seriously falling asleep by that point until the punch line came up: Drive.

When Cuba said his line, James laughed louder than I have ever heard ANYbody laugh in my entire life.


I mean, he was SCREAMING, literally screaming, hunched over in his seat, his eyes bulging, his glasses flying off his face, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!!!

The guy in front of him threw his Twizzlers up in the air, a woman screamed, and an usher ran in from outside and asked if everything was okay with my friend. When the usher asked him, James said, What? That shit was funny, and continued on watching the movie like nothing even happened. That's James alright...

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