Sunday, August 10, 2008

Retro Geek Chic - 13 Old School Gamer Tees

Retro gaming tees are hot right now - on the streets of NYC, across the surgically enhanced chests of celebs in LA, on alt-rock band members, and even baby doll T-shirts for the ladies.And since (according to the Entertainment Software Association) the average age of the modern-day gamer is thirty-three years old (not 12 like your girlfriend keeps insisting), it's perfectly acceptable for a grown man to show a little gamer pride. Especially if you're gonna rock the classics from back in the day. So here are a few that'll show you're a proud level seven geek. With style. [Note: is not an affiliate of, associated with, making any money from, or endorsing any of the sites selling shirts mentioned here. I'm just letting you know who has them.]

CONTRA: Relive the first time you went commando with this Contra tee, declare your passion for blowing the hell out of whatever came your way - human, mutant, alien or otherwise - and pledge your undying allegiance to Mad Dog and Scorpion.Link

LEGEND OF ZELDA: Long before Legolas proved that elves were more than tree-dwelling cookie bakers, Link paved the way for the tight-wearing, sword-wielding, pointy-eared heroes in the first Legend of Zelda. Show your fondness for the Princess and the land of Hyrule by sporting this classic logo shirt.Link

PAC MAN: This shirt could be an homage to the 80's pop icon - that ate more pac-dots, outran more ghosts, and sold more merchandise than any other video game - or a pie chart showing the growing world domination of Google. Link

DONKEY KONG: Oh, it's on. Mario may have put the days behind him when he was known as "Jumpman" and fought to free Paulina from this 800 lb. gorilla before scoring his own game and forgetting where he came from. Show Kong you remember him.Link

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS: Who better to "clean your pipes" than the gaming's most famous plumbers, and World Record holders as the best-selling video game of all time? (This is one of the few shirts that includes Luigi. I was always a Luigi fan.)Link

MEGA MAN: Can't remember who your favorite boss was? This shirt featuring all eight of Dr. Wily's original Robot Masters should help you remember.Link

STREET FIGHTER: You blew hundreds of dollars in the arcade playing this revolutionary fighting game a couple quarters at a time, so what's a few dollars more for this t-shirt featuring the entire roster from Street Fighter II: Championship Edition?Link

CASTLEVANIA: Go retro and make a current political statement with this shirt featuring weapons you were actually able to find...Link

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Celebrate the birth, on June 23, 1991, of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's answer to Nintendo's Mario, with this vintage-style tee. (We're still looking for a tee with Tails, for you sequel fans.)Link

EXCITE BIKE: Remember when you spent the whole day building that one awesome track with all the hills? Sure. You put it on your first resume, didn't you? See how many people run up and tell you how far they got their bikes to go off a sweet jump. And if they tell you 400 meters, they're lying.Link

DUCK HUNT: Part of the reason you wear coke bottles for glasses may be because you sat four inches from the TV screen so you could hit every last duck that flew by. Small price to pay for not having that dog laugh at you. Link

SPACE INVADERS: The sound of these aliens invading your screen was almost as iconic as the sound that announced the arrival of Jaws. Let the world know you've been invaded with this vintage-style tee.Link

PONG: Simple, elegant, and above all, fun, Pong is the one that got us all hooked. Pay tribute to the granddaddy of them all with this tee. Link

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