Monday, June 2, 2008

So, Wait. Is Killer Instinct 3 Coming Out Or Not?

In a recent article from, EGM’s surreptitious scuttlebutt scavenger, Quartermann, seems to have uncovered news that Rare is hard at work on a new Killer Instinct game goofily titled, Killer Instinct 3D: Death, Destruction, and Doom. For an immense fan of the series like myself, this couldn’t be better news. Well, it actually could be better news—Silicone Knights could announce that they were hard at work on Eternal Darkness 2: Even Darker—but I guess beggers can’t be choosy, and I’ve definitely been begging for a KI sequel for like, ever, now.

Little is known about the game, or even if the game actually exists, but if Quartermann says it’s true, then I’m going to have to choose to believe it. More often than not, that mysterious mole seems to be right on the money with his rumors, so I’ll take it as fact for the time being. Until, that is, Rare breaks my heart again and says that Banjo-Kazooie is full steam ahead, while Killer Instinct is just a KI fan’s pipe dream.

But what a pipe dream that would be, right? Memories of Jago, Fulgore, and TJ Combo are already making my fingers and wrists pamptomine incidents in the arcade where a greasy joystick and busted buttons were the only things I was touching. Seriously, what the hell has Rare been doing all this time that warrants them not making a sequel for this game already?

We shall soon see if the X-Box360 produces another hit with the KI name attached to it. In the meantime, though, would it be too much to ask to see either the original KI or the slightly lacking KI2 on X-Box 360’s live arcade? It’s been too long since I’ve heard a well derserved, ULTRA, ULTra, Ultra…rigning in my eardrums on a hot summer day.

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