Monday, October 8, 2007

Bioshock Staying A 360 Exclusive. PS3 Fans Shrug

According to the new EGM—the one with…Saints Row 2(?) on the cover—Bioshock, the revolutionary underwater first person shooter, will NOT be coming to PS3 as some had once surmised. While this is not so shocking to me, a gamer with the sense to know that Microsoft understands when they have a hit on their hands with sequel potential, PS3 fans holding out for the masterpiece may feel waterlogged with the immensely disheartening news.

But for those of you who have no idea why I’m making such a big fuss over such a little game (and you call yourselves gamers), Bioshock tells the incredibly immersive story of a plane crash survivor named Jack who must work his way out of the underwater society known as Rapture. The story gets all Ayn Randy on you as you wander around a John Galt society gone awry where the best and brightest have gone absolutely off their gourd.

And while there’s much, much more to the game (and also a twist around the end that will absolutely make your watermelon implode), I won’t spoil any of that in case you haven’t played the game yet. Like a good book, Bioshock is better experienced without any spoilers or inklings to the ending (which there are two of, by the way. There, I’ve already said too much!)

Honestly, though, I’m actually a little upset that Microsoft is shilling out so much money to keep 2K from porting it over to other systems. I’m tired of Tony Hawk, and I’m tired of sequels. In fact, let’s just go ahead and link those two sentences together without a comma and say that I’m tired of Tony Hawk sequels, and I’m tired of uninspired dreck. Similar to Eternal Darkness in its engrossing storyline, Bioshock proves that gamers are smart enough to handle a deep, intriguing morality trip, and that not all first person shooters have to be multiplayer friendly. That being said, I hope enough people play this game for a sequel to be made. It’s the least you could do, after all.

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