Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Assassin's Creed Looks Awesome...Yeah, Awesomely Bad

EGM, the number one magazine of choice for gamers and super studs like me, is concerned about Assassin’s Creed in a big kind of way. In the latest issue (The one with the strangely hot nurse with no face from Silent Hill on the cover), Assassin’s Creed was featured in their annual E3 best (and worst) in show review. Sadly, for people who are actually interested in the stealthy PS3/Xbox 360 title, the game was awarded the coveted, “Game We’re Most Worried About” Award by the crew. And though I’m a man who enjoys his schadenfreude with a side of raspberries and Vanilla Coke just like any other misanthrope, I guess my negative karma’s finally catching up with me, as NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Wii, a game that I’m HIGHLY anticipating, got Runner-up for game they’re most worried about. I guess this spells, “I think I’m finally going to trade in my Wii for a PS3” for me. But if EGM’s not your cup of Arizona Iced Tea or you’re perhaps only five years old, GAMEPRO also has concerns for the game as well, namely that the controls are iffy and that it’s too complex for its own darn good. Either way, the sweet as Equal sugar graphics aren’t appearing to hold the crummy gameplay up to snuff for either publication. In other news, Bioshock is awesome, but I’ll save that for another article.

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